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This article was written by Oipo-san (@theoipoworld), a SPG Amex card holder who has been staying at Marriott hotels all over the world and Japan using the card’s benefits.

Experience the ultimate world of Marriott BONVoY “Ambassador Status” in a simulated way.


“I love checking in more than three meals a day! My name is “Oipo” from

I currently enjoy hotel stays year round as an “Ambassador Elite”, the highest ranking of Marriott Rewards! Today’s topic of conversation!

Opening day stay at the “mesmTOKYO Autograph Collection

will be sent to you.


What kind of experience will he give us this time too?
Oipo has never stayed at a hotel on the opening day before, so I’m very nervous! Well, I’d like to go there!


This time, I headed there on foot!

I usually go to hotels in Tokyo by train, but this time, it happened to be near my house, so I decided to walk there.
If you come by train, Takeshiba station or Hamamatsucho is convenient for you!


And here’s the entrance.
The sophisticated design makes it exciting!




First of all, I’m going to eat my stomach for lunch!

We arrived just after noon, so we decided to have lunch first.

When we got to our seats, the hotel gave us a Moëté Chandon as a congratulatory gift for our opening!
The menu had only one French course and a la carte due to COVID-19 influence.

As the restaurant’s name implies, “Chef’s Theater” is sprinkled with a number of theater-inspired things.

For example, this round tube-like thing is on the menu and keeps you entertained before you even eat.
Here’s the menu, by the way.

It’s 5,692 yen including tax, but you can also take advantage of Marriott’s discount!


The appetizer begins with a lava plate that was purposely made for this course.
The appetizer menu also shows the attention to detail!


Next, we moved on to the soup main (this time it was the sea lamprey).


Then came the dessert, “Ecuadorian cocoa and organic lemon dessert!

Chocolate and lemon? I was a little skeptical, but I was surprised when I tried it! It was a surprisingly good combination.

I was able to enjoy everything from appetizers to desserts to my heart’s content, as the head chef here is an accomplished chef who has won a French contest.


The atmosphere of the restaurant is also very nice, and the uniforms of the staff (we call them “talents” at mesmTOKYO) are very distinctive!
I’ve heard that the black mask is one of the uniforms!




The room you’re worried about…

The room I’ll be staying in this time is a 95 square meter Chapter 3 suite!

How are you doing?
Oh, my God! It’s a sophisticated space that looks as if you’ve come to a super high-end designer apartment!

It is sprinkled with all sorts of hints to stimulate the senses, including furniture imported directly from overseas and a piano (all rooms are equipped).

The windows are wide throughout, and depending on the direction, we were assigned a room with a view of the entire Hama Rikyu Palace.

We also received a welcome gift!
It’s an assortment of fruits, but this dish is also made of sugar, so you can eat it!


The bed is a Simmons Beauty Rest (a major mattress in luxury hotels), and since the model does not include a mattress topper, some people may find it to be less than soft.
The sheets may be due in part to being newly opened, but I think the thread count is considerably higher than other hotels (it feels softer to the touch).

By the way, there are only 8 suites at mesmTOKYO, so I expect the competition for suites will be fierce even if it’s not during the busy season.

The suites are 95 square meters, but Chapter 1 and 2, which account for 90% of the room size, are 40-45 square meters, so I don’t think there’s much of an upgrade in terms of square footage.
However, some of the rooms have a balcony (can’t be confirmed in advance), which can make you feel somewhat spacious.

By the way,mesmTOKYO  is a Sweet Night Award eligible facility.




There’s so much more to this room!

mesm Tokyo is an exciting place to be.
Let’s find out what’s still cluttering up the room and take a look!
First, let’s take a look around the minibar!

At first glance, it looks like a normal mini bar set, but upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that the pot is for dripping, and there’s a tea whisk for “matcha” near the second glass!

It is good to be able to experience various things in the room, including the piano, because it is a hotel to enjoy using the five senses!

The second picture on the right shows a collaboration product between “Peko-chan (Fujiya)” and mesm. (These sweets are also free.)
If you look closely, you’ll see “Peko-chan” is wearing a Mesme uniform!
By the way, the minibar is free of charge, including beer!


If the example of the sticking to other things is raised, the notepad next to the telephone often becomes a calligraphy style, or the guest room shoes become snow clogs, or there is a tablet (considerably high performance in addition) which can talk with the front desk, and there is no enumeration!

Please try to find the rest when you stay at the hotel.




Now it’s on to the bathroom!

There’s a lot to be said for the bathroom!
Look at this book first!


I was wondering what it was, and when I looked at it, I found an amenity set designed to look like a book of adventure!

The hotel where such a conception can be made, it is hard to find (^^).
It contains all sorts of soap nets and leather.


The whole bathroom looks like this!
(There is a mosaic on the right because of the reflection)

I believe that the toilet is not translucent, but rather slithering.
But don’t worry, there’s a locked door in the front.

As for the amenity, I use a thing called “THE BLEND” of the collaboration product of Bulk Homme (which often comes out in the advertisement of YouTube…) and Mesum. In terms of quality, I think it depends on the person, but Oipo has thicker hair, so if I use this shampoo, my hair will be even harder…that’s what I said.
But the scent was a refreshing, all-around fragrance!




Let’s go to Club mesm!

Cocktail time, though scaled back, is open for an hour, so we were able to get in for an hour!
(*The following information is based on the opening date (reduced business), so there may be some changes to the menu. (For reference only).

As the name implies, it’s like a club lounge in other hotels. You can enjoy the atmosphere and the BGM of the lobby and guest rooms while enjoying the drinks and hors d’oeuvres.

Let’s start with the drink menu.
Only non-alcoholic (first plate) will be served outside of cocktail time, but an alcoholic menu (second plate) will also be served only during cocktail time.
Oipo’s recommendation is the “onyu-orange juice” from the non-alcoholic menu!
It’s very rich but easy to drink.


Along with the first drink, a petite course hors d’oeuvre is brought to you. First of all, an appetizer. It’s a bit like lunch.


Next was a meat dish. Beef in a Chinese-style sauce with octopus.
At the end of the meal, we had an assortment of desserts.




The evening meal was light with welcome fruit and room service!

Oipo spent a good time in the lounge.

But you’re going to be hungry, aren’t you?
So, it’s time for our annual room service!

I ordered this today.
umami udon (2640 yen including tax)
Pizza Margherita (3168 yen including tax)
Assorted fruits (5280 yen including tax…expensive)
These are three items (11088 yen).

First of all, the umami udon, which I highly recommend!
As you can see in the description on the picture, you can put your favorite seasonings (which are also handmade) and eat it with your favorite soup. The soup is also quite generous, so you can enjoy mixing it as many times as you want!


Next up was the Pizza Margherita, which was so-so. It’s not quite authentic, but it’s hearty enough to fill a small belly!


And finally, the fruit… over 5,000 yen for that?

However, when we consulted with the GM (general manager) the next day, he was able to adjust the amount of money and the contents as soon as possible!
It’s great to see a hotel that is so responsive to customer input.

I’ll definitely be repeating the udon noodles next time!

And it was Oipo who fell asleep immediately after eating a lot of food without getting any exercise…lol




Breakfast is also elaborate♪

I overslept all night and got up at 10:00.
(Breakfast is served until 10:30 a.m., so even if you oversleep, don’t worry!
We head to the breakfast room.

Normally, Clubmes users can have breakfast in the lounge, but this time, due to the influence of recent years, we were given a free breakfast at the restaurant.

The menu was a Western set menu (usually a buffet) with a choice of one of the main dishes.


Oipo chose the omelette with crab and shiitake mushroom!
I’m not a fan of bisque sauce, so I had it changed to mushroom sauce!

In addition to the main course, we were treated to a wholesome breakfast that included a wake-up berry vinegar drink, freshly squeezed orange juice, juicy side meats, and yogurt with homemade jam.

After breakfast, we relaxed in our room and sipped coffee on the balcony until our late checkout at 16:00.





Mesm Tokyo” is a hotel filled with a variety of staff (talent), including GM.
I’m sure there will be new discoveries every time you visit, and I’m sure it will be a hotel you will enjoy every time you come back.

One of the talents said, “We are confident and proud of building up Mesm Tokyo. I was impressed with the words, “We want to be a friendly hotel that everyone will love.

I don’t think it’s so easy to maintain and refine your hospitality on the first day of opening. However, I’m sure that these talents will be able to do it. It was the most heartwarming and enjoyable stay of the year, and I hope so.

I think one of the nice things about the Autograph Collection brand is that it allows Marriott to get the best out of the hotel without being tied to a brand.

They will continue to make new discoveries and experiences in the future.
We invite you to visit the highly anticipated Mesm Tokyo Autograph Collection.


Well, thank you so much for reading Oipo’s op-ed!
I hope to continue to bring you articles at a pace of two to three per month!

If you have any questions about the content of the article or the hotel, please comment on the fixed tweet (@theoipoworld) and we’ll get back to you.


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